of Crypto Team .

Our bot can publish news to other discord groups with special filters.

How its work

Our bot publish news on your channels via webhooks.

News is filtered according to the rules agreed with you.

How connect our bot to your group

We connect bot only for groups:

- Have 100+ users.

- Not pump-groups, gambling or etc

- Your channel for bot is free (not premium or other restrictions) for your users.

For contacts - admin of CryptoTeam is Ilya#4494 (our discord).

Please write to admin only from admin's accounts your discord group, for can checking you.

Plan for connect bot

1. You write to admin our group with message:

- Link to your discord.

- What info you interest. Ideal - write tags what you need and tags what need ignore.

2. You create webhook for channel on your groups and write link to our admin. For webhook please use name "CryptoTeamInfo" with logo of our bot.

Examples of works our bot

Discord groups:

CPU-Miners Club

CRYPTO Перспективные криптовалюты


You can view the news in our discord group and select the items of interest for publication in your group. A very flexible setting of parameters for news tags is possible.

For example, you can set to receive news about new coins only with a rating of 3+ stars, mined by video cards and not having a masternodes.

Example of that filter: newcoin/gpu -mn -oldcoin

At this moment you can write you idea of filter coins/news to admin and admin self create this filter.


Our bot publish info with automatic mode and can write coin with name "1234/test" and other bug info. We work on filter for info, but some bad info can be published. Please periodical check info from our bot on you channel. If you found some wrong info - write to admin our group. Thanks.

Our bot can has bugs... as and more other software. We try to track and eliminate them promptly.

Promo in news

We add to our news for publish to other groups additional lines with:

1) Info "Info from CRYPTO TEAM..."

2) Line with promo of our groups, our premium accounts, etc.

Premium accounts for users
We use special premium accounts for our users who help our groups, who very activity on our groups or telegram channels, received premium from bounty, etc. Premium accounts for users allow give info more fast (0 - 6 hours) and some others functions.